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Sports glasses how to choose and buy?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
Sports glasses is refers to the movement of wear safety glasses, usually have security ( The PC lenses) , protection, TR - 90 frames, soft both elastic) , comfortable ( Non-slip nose pad and foot set) And beautiful, Cooperate with sports, leisure dress collocation) The efficacy. Glasses sunglasses factory network provides a variety of different styles of sports glasses, if you are a sports enthusiast, if you want to choose a pair of move feeling, beautiful fashion sports glasses, quickly to glasses sunglasses factory network and have a look! Lens with 'UV400' means 100% of the uv radiation in general, movement of glasses lens have polarized lens and adopted by the PC lens two, while adopting TR90 frame material. Polarized lenses are mainly on the principle of polarization ( The principle of the shutter) , the function of filtering false light. After wearing polarized lens visual effect is very comfortable, vision more clearly, driving, fishing, climb mountains and is especially suitable for; PC lens, also known as the space, is a kind of not broken cleft lenses, 100% security. As for TR90 material, is a kind of super toughness of resin material, good flexibility and light, smooth surface, color is rich, wearing comfortable. So how to use and maintenance of sports glasses? When use, use both hands to pick a wear; Storage, avoid the mirror met the desktop or other sharp objects. Daily maintenance process, if discover the lens is dirty, clean with special cleaning fluid or detergent to clean glasses, especially for the polaroid maintenance, don't use water and ultrasonic cleaning, lest destroy its polarization effect.
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