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Spring breeze miles to see GuLiNa MCM sunglasses perfect deduce

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
Recently, the GuLiNa tied at the moment our street snap a new group of street snap the picture. The bloomy spring season, the beauty of GuLiNa look fresh and generous, with a pair of green MCM602SA sunglasses, add a belongs to spring for its overall modelling of another charm! MCM602SA this glasses minimalist design is exquisite, the overall use of great texture and design feeling thick frames, collocation and agile chic geometry line. Unique metal compose on its leg, another two rivets are dotted in picture frame on both sides, with its leg metal decoration photograph echo. Ingenious design feeling and MCM brand character complement each other, feel interesting vitality. About the previous Eyewear, Inc. Marchon Eyewear,Inc. Is the world's major high-end glasses and sunglasses one of manufacturers and distributors, sales brands include: Calvin Klein Collection, Calvin Klein, platinum, Calvin KleinJeans, Chloe, Diane von Furstenberg, Dragon, Etro, Flexon® G - 明星生,卡尔拉格斐,鳄鱼,刘乔MarchoNYC, MCM,诺蒂卡,耐克,九西,SalvatoreFerragamo等知名品牌。 Company is headquartered in New York, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Venice, a subsidiary company in Canada and Shanghai, the company's business covers to more than one hundred countries around the world. Similar sunglasses recommend sunglass factory YC9705 general sunglasses C7 white/dazzle colour purple
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