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Spring Festival type: new clothes is not enough, the color sunglasses to gather together!

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Various 'meeting' to follow the test is not just a social ability, and your garment products, in addition to the new clothes shoes, you still need to sunken modelling sunglasses, pettitte you recommend the following four versions, let you beautiful/handsome DE holidays joker California during the 71413 Spring Festival, in addition to visit relatives, girlfriends go shopping, the elder brothers also enjoy big events calendar. Compared with festive red Spring Festival, insurance of black and white ash, the ornament of color piece of sunglasses, can let you in the same age more dynamic fashion in the circle of friends. California to popular in the 1980 s of the double beam slanting pear sunglasses as the prototype, the improved conventional elliptical slices, adding line edges and corners, for each face. Because real sex, California also become a star street snap's tide build tool. Up to 80 after the goddess Athena chu, down to the 'ode to joy' floret Qiao Xin, different age, different temperament, face, hold California style can be perfect. 'Black' is not high cold, through the light color lenses naked eyes, even if OL wind dress collocation, also has a high fashion affinity. Young fashion breath in holiday life. For feet full figure teenager, an avant-garde fashion sunglasses, for winter modelling inject more energy. 73407 elements such as ultra flat lenses, planet rivet, avant-garde fashion, full of sense of the future. A variety of dynamic piece of color, and leisure modelling collocation, more fashionable and cool feeling. Recommended reading: 2018 popular Bottega Veneta sunglasses how light luxury butterfly, parties, fashion week 71404 to join the dinner party or festival, besides luxuriant dress and black dress, might as well with an OVERSIZE light color butterfly sunglasses, add fashion aura. Frames on both sides of the small castings with red frames modern contrast, there are the details of the design feeling, combined with the popular light through the lens of color, make PARTY fashion queen. Paragraphs pilot 71407 classic pilot, has been the sunglasses accused of bias. 71407 big box design, can be called covered face artifact, and show the air field. Metal thread Mosaic box surface, improve texture, have higher recognizable fashion at the same time, reveals little personality. Equipped with light grey color such as gold and bronze to classic with the fashion. Which model above, and you have more sense of CP's new clothes? Welcome comments share with pettitte jun, pumping 1 all star ~ Spring Festival benefits until 2018. 1. Copy this information after RMB mDPX0O06t3B $28 open hand tao into sent li meng Tmall Spring Festival, starting with the above new better ~
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