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St sunglasses is introduced

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
SAN bao sunglasses for the ten sunglasses brands, Chinese arctic and Antarctic expedition country special product, well-known brands of domestic top.
xiamen all holy industrial co. , LTD. Is a taiwan-funded enterprises, through the ISO9001 international quality management certification, production of major products include high-end sunglasses, fishing glasses, high-end sheet metal frames, high-end box and all kinds of lens. Owns the brand is the fashion & # 8220; PROSUN SAN bao polarized sunglasses & # 8221; , luxury & # 8220; SUNMODE st fashionable fashionable sunglasses & # 8221; , professional & # 8220; IXRON ergolan & # 8221; Three international brands for different consumer groups, for many years in the domestic, China area) As the center, are exported to Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and southeast Asia and other regions and countries, loved by the consumers.
all the top r&d team keen to capture the world trend, independent research and development design will increase the aesthetic standard of sunglasses to the international level. A number of professional research and development design analysis of new epidemic information at home and abroad for a long time, through the ideas in the form of the meeting and communication, creative thinking, and then set out to design sketch, research and development of new technology and through the director of audit, sample making, combined with market sales and dealer's feedback to further improve the design.
in addition, the company has advanced production equipment and technical personnel, with good r&d design team and professional quality control, all glasses from research and development, design to production, are always homework and most new body have patent in the world.
at the same time, all the company does not forget to give back to society, warm-hearted public welfare donations in 2009 polarized sunglasses to poor cataract patients, help patients effective eye protection, avoid illness because of uv irradiation relapse, namely by yunnan provincial health department awarded the & # 8220; Tagen & # 8221; Glory.
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