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Stalls to buy sunglasses to wear two days blurred vision

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Xiao li eyes always just work is very good, almost all of a sudden feel blurred vision, go to the hospital a check were found to buy inferior sunglasses.
a few days ago, xiao li spend 20 yuan from a market stall to buy a pair of black sunglasses. “ Bought a watch looks nice, but it is cheap. ” Xiao li said, the result was wearing two days later, feel uncomfortable eyes, to see some fuzzy. Go to a hospital checking, doctors analysis should be inferior sunglasses didn't play a protective role, make the pupil grow larger instead, so as to damage the eyes.
reporter discovered in xi 'an some market visit, in-store sale price frequently thousands of yuan international brand sunglasses, and mobile stalls selling sunglasses, price at RMB 20 to 50 yuan mostly, but most of these sunglasses is 3 without the product. Some traders said selling sunglasses with uv protection function, can be did not see the logo on the lens.
the pledges inspect bureau experts said, in September 2000, the national light industry was enacted sunglasses industry standards. And some stalls selling inferior sunglasses, just add some color coating in the lens, this lens with fewer serious decline, after consumer wear, not only are not up to the standard of the uv protection, long wear also can be damaging to the eyes.
according to one industry insider, such as wearing a cheap eyeglasses to drive, the lens can't effectively stop suddenly into the light, will also pose a safety hazard. In general I yuan sunglasses, can effectively resist ultraviolet ray and the light of all kinds of have eye damage.
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