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Star airport wearing sunglasses for a low profile

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Nowadays, our star why each high energy and high yield? Or as an old saying goes, to the rich first build roads, drive plan would have to fly. Without a good traffic conditions, then don't come out no good drama. To the capital airport as an example, the average every day in two to three secondary star. That some people can not help but ask, why do we have a also can't see it? Small make up science for everyone today, when the stars appeared in what was concave shape, to avoid being recognized, this skill is a special skill JueXue, remember after see thumb up, oh. Eighty percent of the sunglasses are fundamental to the star's guards didn't just in the beginning, absolutely is not difficult for you, this model is relatively good, simply say: if after dark, a modelling is more many, your luggage 'black covered face not a straight line appears, the congratulations you, go to the signature. Although sunglasses help fast and does not cause disturbance to disappear in the crowd, but often backfire. After all the big night, the light is so dark, who have no matter son also wear sunglasses? At first glance recognize the very not? So small make up also give stars to ask advice, change the frame glasses try to catch the plane in the evening. Of course not all sunglasses are stars, they appear occasionally also speak scenes. Appearance looks something like this: a few slightly balding a face of serious bodyguards, a group of screaming fans, and some simply don't know what happened. Some stars or hat, sunglasses, masks and other equipment use all, wu soothed and save themselves recognized by people, this basically is star, just afraid of fans too much delay schedule, good quiet.
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