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Star aura all depend on it: sunglasses + lipstick

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
Small make up is a fan, especially love chase women, because they always feel out of reach, midea is simulated, whether it is out of the street, travel, play or rush about in the airport, as long as they appeared always is so perfect, look so glamorous, fashionable and aura, questionable whether open their way out of the question. I love everywhere searching for women in the dynamic, after so long time of research, finally fully open out the aura: the secret of sunglasses + lipstick Wang Ou: blue reflective sunglasses + red lip because wang director Wang Manchun corner and walked into the public view Wang Ou is also red lip lovers in your life. Blue reflective sunglasses avant-garde fashion, choose classic red lip is bit mixed style. Blue and red lip color must be full, and shades of color impact on the vision more exciting. Reflective glasses recommendation: ray-ban RB4257 - Ms sunglasses 6092/3 r/F hawksbill/dazzle colour green piece vitoria: gray gradient sunglasses + water red lipstick don't know whether I really because there is love of moist, Victoria song nearly makeup look more to have feminine taste, choice on many occasions are red lip gloss, water has a mature and gentle woman fan. In street snap look at this airport, Victoria song gradient gray shades low-key and there is no lack of interest, and shallow water embellish red lip color is tie-in, will gentle graceful women style as well as Yang mi: free powder purple mirror sunglasses + orange lipstick recommended sunglasses: sunglasses factory ms YC9703 sunglasses black/C3 dazzle colour LanSheng loud glutinous rice after big power, the power status is mystery is getting better and better, every street snap modelling is sought after by many people to follow. In addition to clothing, big power power every street snap makeup look is to have all! Orange lipstick Max energy value, and orange baseball uniform they are super a style or color. And even if tired after a long flight, after coated with orange lipstick, can a second disguised as a perfect look. Powder in specific environment can see light purple mirror sunglasses also accord with the overall movement of the dynamic wind, color choice is not abrupt. Cecilia liu: black translucent sunglasses + nude lipstick because since the childhood to practice ballet, Cecilia liu has always been the sense that gives a person is very quiet, quietly elegant, her daily makeup LOOK is also relatively simple but elegant, the street translucent black sunglasses and nude lipstick is very low-key, the whole LOOK is the cool color to move, more lining out her cool temperament. But this kind of collocation is only suitable for higher air cooling or temperament and Cecilia liu itself is very like the girls, or it will seem very slow and all. The above content compiled by glasses sunglasses factory network, more fashion information and knowledge to glasses sunglasses factory, please view: https://www. yichao。 Cn /
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