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Star chic sunglasses fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
About star aura, about sunglasses are fashion, about you? If you don't want to oneself too low, will star to learn how to deduce chic sunglasses fashion! Cecilia liu a black leather coat collocation wide-legged pants very cool, while balls head show lovely, black covered face very handsome. Sunglasses factory YC9713 general sunglasses Ada leisure sports camp sleeve small unlined upper garment of dew sweet shoulder, after the former convex warp line sexy, toad cool sunglasses block surface. Flora wearing a beige coat, zebra bare midriffs are small dew, will good figure. Hole jeans with the sunglasses with dye-in-the-wood individual character perfect collocation, more tidal rocks. South Korea SWAN members HongZhen Britain took a group photo, sweet pink tight assembly heart-shaped sunglasses like candy girl, blue sexy sport green vigor. So what are popular this year chic sunglasses? Sunglasses factory ms YC9703 sunglasses C8 powder box black leg/dark brown transparent frame sunglasses can always give a person a kind of lovely pink is tender youth, with dark brown health lens, a perfect match! Sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses leg/C8 red box gold lens ash the sunglasses contracted and not simple, it is a kind of aristocratic ladies fan, red frames can perfect show intellectual charm of the woman, the collocation of grey lens lets a person has the feeling of a kind of elegant nobility.
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