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Star deduce sunglasses and circle the box frame sunglasses for you

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Street snap artifact - — Sunglasses, has been as the darling of the fashion, many people use it to concave shape, taking snapshots. By this time there will be a lot of people asked what kind of glasses good-looking? Some people like sunglasses, the box says it personality trend, some people said the circle casing glasses good-looking, says it is fashion and restore ancient ways, exactly what kind of sunglasses can deeply rooted in the hearts of the people? Let's look at the stars dress up and see how they perform square sunglasses and circle frame sunglasses beauty! 1, ariel Lin, gd for you deduce the beauty of the square sunglasses recently ariel Lin square glasses appeared in the airport, a pair of big box holding the mushroom bag, wearing a green hair hoop, one is pure and fresh and beautiful dress up, although I'm a wife still pure and moving. Square sunglasses her little face foil more compact. Gd Bigbang captain has been the south Korean fashion fashion ICON, every time the mirror must be use the star style of wet rocks is very bright blind. In the street snap, rivet cap + large black frame glasses, the collocation of English sentence necklace + plaid shirt, let GD appear contracted but not simple, a large box of sunglasses, star rocks, increasingly GD pointed only big slap in the face. 2, fan bingbing, xu deductive round frame sunglasses for you the beauty of the fan bingbing wearing a big circle in the photo frame mirror sunglasses very rob mirror, cool, plus a ponder dye-in-the-wood cap, fan bingbing, confidence remains on the face, it is no wonder that by netizens praise: 'the goddess! 'Xu recently the old cannons, the cast of the main characters and feng xiaogang this screen couple of bone in a drama filming in Venice blue under the background of the coastline of a set of beach. Two people in the photos are sunglasses covered face, appear very 'love'. Xu a pair of big round glasses, a suit of casual wear all show the charm of city girl, feng a frog mirror surface, all show the charm of mature man! When it comes to acting, to xu feng is full of praise, said xu is they this generation of dreams. And xu also called feng is handsome in the soul, handsome in his bones. Sunglasses tie-in skill: in general, square sunglasses and round sunglasses is the darling of the fashion, all the audience welcome very much, that want to choose? Small make up to share a little skill for everyone. If you are a heart-shaped face melon seed face, will be a wide forehead, cheek of that kind of easy sag, on choosing sunglasses, modify your high cheekbones is the key, suggested that choose the oval or round sunglasses, not only can modify you sunken cheeks, fashionable retro atmosphere is strong, also want to literature and art, to fashion, want to choose restoring ancient ways round box big sunglasses! ! ! ! If you are a round or oval sunglasses is a good choice, the box box sunglasses will make you look angular, more personality trend, and the square sunglasses and a feature can be a significant portion of the block to your face, let you all show slap in the face. Want to thin face, want to individual character, to tide van, choose square sunglasses! ! ! !
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