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Star early autumn dress sunglasses is still visible

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Although the weather is very hot now, but the stars out of the street changed into his new dress up early autumn outfit, early autumn outfit without sunglasses too! Sunglasses are collocation in the ah, no matter what the season can let you become the focus in the crowd. Sun Yaoqi exposed a group of fashion, start early autumn style, languid is lazy LOB deserves to go up delicate berry color red lip makeup look revealed the enchanting sexy young woman, bump color of the outfit that show a belly big waist line show sex appeal, handsome Martin boots when rocks, the ornament of many fashion cool sunglasses, added chao fan personality charm. Yang garment Q only grow, short skirt, baseball caps, black, pure and fresh and rocks show girls wind. Took a group of street fashion, taking pictures, he put on a Gentle Monster sunglasses, chao fan, has combed the balls first, the cowboy coat matchs green and white printing long sleeves, and spike, languid is lazy and along with the gender. Sunglasses recommendation: sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses C7 black box silver leg/lens grey sunglasses factory YC9702 C3 black/ms sunglasses lens dazzle colour blue
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