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Star face isn't so hard to do the whole a pair of sunglasses was done

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
See star gate one by one standard 'V' face model, face so thin! Small! Tip! Do you envy? Jealousy? Hate? When your face is swollen fat male god came about you, your first reaction is to lose weight, But cycle is too long is not desirable, the second reaction is don't wear sunglasses to thin face? Today we are going to Charlotte to hot mama blogger Groeneveld, for example, what kind of glasses to see my face rocks! Charlotte Groeneveld from Holland, now lives in London, is a frequent visitor to the international fashion week, the house there is a can make a man and a pair of Eva, individuals with more than 200000 sets of fans, no offence not alongside sky-high, fashionable to wear for her like a duck to water, treated her as their good example ~ today we want to say is the pile of sunglasses, Charlotte's house in such a sweet spicy mom, love actually is such a man, a large gradient lens covers a third of the face, and not black is too rigid, the mirror from Gucci! To see this beauty take overall modelling, blue coat with large frame glasses is very handsome, this is Korean big honey modelling is renewing the Gucci snapping back in this type of Gucci is in Charlotte all sorts of modelling in one of the higher one, one with leather, fur, woolen cloth coat, as long as the sunglasses in hand, how to take the play is not greasy, no problem a star face ~ this off the glasses sunglasses and fur was thinking when it is not difficult to be find the right clothes to go with it too personality you would wear rules, this kind of visual impact will create a very nifty and feel like mm can try a ~ amber sunglasses are favored in the European and American socialite circles, especially on the upper east side that they have that kind of not high profile should take a top of rocks, temperament or get ~ to a very beautiful on the upper east side of the British style, perfect sublimation aura and feet long coat, watch in the build, sunglasses with a coat alone is enough to make you impressed? Do you like the holographic sweet home also have the mirror, classic the pilot of the plane mirror architecture with suede collar is! Very! ! ! ! Handsome! Reduction of age the modelling of Valentino sunglasses is really very good collocation, Valentino sense of this kind of sunglasses from the design and material can make you feel very comfortable, deserve to go up to compare daily wear can also be zero acosmia. Anyhow, want to have ming-xing zhang face, in addition to a whole network 'blush' you can also choose to use sunglasses to achieve actual effect.
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