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Star favorite GentleMonster sunglasses series

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
GentleMonster is South Korea's a glasses brand, because recently often appear in TV series, and the stars also like wear, so now in the market, very popular with people, especially some young people like fashion. So what series stars love GentleMonster sunglasses? 1, Absente 01 series ( 2M) Gold, frames are golden very iconic, shape wear many stars airport is this series. 2, the Dreamer series, 15 years Dreamer series are the fire, many stars wearing tiffany tang, Yang Yang. 3, Love Punch new series, with irregular shape of the lens, match with the design feels fine metal box, delicate and special! 4, Jumping Kack series, last year was a mirror sunglasses, and everyone will be into the money this year is the color transparent lens sunglasses, many fashion stars are worn, li xiaolu couple, queer Lu Han and wu, li yi feng are its fans. 5, Big leant series, modified slightly on the modelling of classic frog mirror, more personality atmosphere. Fan bingbing also has a special liking to star to a big leant out of the street, always little not a different style of sunglasses modelling, airport, street snap, holiday cannot leave it, even can match official appearance. The husband and the goddess who had a GENTLE MONSTER blessings, more fashionable index peaks. Gentle Monster( Jane's desire) Sunglasses contracted and easy, not only the pursuit of utility function, on the design of the shape is given priority to with popular, also can have very good ascension temperament. But each series of sunglasses has different suits the crowd, to perfect show their own style, had better choose the most suitable for their own! Recommended reading: the sun glasses to choose the 'eight'
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