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Star lenses, Ren Xi brown lenses fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
Exterior tian ya, fashion, pure and innocent beauty Ren Xi, was south wide media college campus, before graduating from university, jiangsu satellite TV's 'absolute singing contest, won the national championship, now he signed Tang Guoyi culture communication ( Beijing) Co. , LTD. , become exclusive artist. During the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger personal music album, it's call. Ren Xi or famous fashion magazine 'vivi' take charge of models, appearance is sweet and full of fashionable feeling she is those, plus a forthcoming singer, Ren Xi 2010 was destined to wonderful! In the absolute singing, has been very bright eye, she accumulated a lot of popularity, as a model, after also makes a lot of girls envy for her. Ren Xi talent absolutely needs to be better, this is a new potential. Have rich experience in the model of Ren Xi is lenses lovers, often wearing a brown circle lenses to shoot magazine photos and even tie-in fashionable modelling also full of sense of the future is still very suitable for! Brown lenses is joker, so it is one of design of lenses, both models and artists all like this circle lenses, beautiful to love you is to give it a try! Supernatural sense of brown lenses for Korean popular actress song hye kyo absolutely not's song hye kyo. This looks like a sweet girl from the region has always been popular, even if it is not good news didn't affect her popularity, south koreans seemed indeed very fond of her. Qiao Mei is currently in busan film 'camellia', the film is the display of busan city of busan film festival 'custom' charm of the film, and song hye kyo dong-won kang of dream ticket, starring in one of the three short stories. Li bingbing wearing brown lenses enchanting gorgeous li now in position of film absolutely belongs to the elder sister level, not only in the movie is more and more big, she is more into the international trend, it seems always slowly but surely li bingbing will indeed colorful career management, the future development of more interesting. Li in an interview said that she is quite believe it, feel that life does not need to demand too much, and want to win without pride to lose with grace. As she won the golden horse award winner, the prize was very moved, but her more clearly don't because of one incident influence, want to have a clear cognition about themselves and hold, to have been true to go its own way. Wang Yandai brown lenses temperament noble aggressive Wang Yanzeng to 'return zhugege' in the clever clever rattle 'shine' and a household name, now, but the ball the ball in the son was born after the screen for a long time. When the tender but fine division division, is now a three-year-old boy's mother. Billionaire husband, zhou xun and the stepson of wang shuo away to romance, let the rich life of wang yan attention. Has always been low-key wang yan, however, for their own family life has none. Scene sweet wear brown lenses the butterflies high-profile fashion romantic comedy movies upcoming my beauty boss, he rundong success on poor men's turnaround, and beauty boss sweet scene to deduce a romantic touching love story office. Sweet scene in the play one small act the role of love and Emma had the same appearance, but belong to different identity and personality, natural disposition is lively and lovely little love with Emma leng yan proud like two extremes, puzzled by male to enter in love. After a series of misunderstandings and drama, romantic, show consideration to run successfully won the 'beauty boss heart, success on poor men's turnaround story. Sweet scene revealed that the dual role of mystery, in fact, love is the true oneself, and Emma is good father bequeathed to oneself in order to achieve the management of the company have to do a strong woman. In order to put the image of women in this office and perfectly accurate, sweet scene did a lot of preparatory work, including white-collar life of text, image data collection, to experience the boss office life. Sweet scene as a representative of the domestic new generation actor, her performance has been widely praised, graduated from Beijing film academy, the school beauty level characters do to shine in the show business! Like to wear circle lenses is a great feature, sweet scene originally eyes have a lot of sweet scene after wearing brown lenses have look look more, and to shape the role seems to be very helpful, it is no wonder that she'll be a super lenses lovers, from eye lenses moment! Like is like sweet scene with lifelike eyes? Might as well try circle lenses!
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