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Star love street snap item

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Even good at 'kaleidoscope' street snap ICON, they also have their own love of sheet is tasted, one high and one that mention the sheet is tasted, can think of 'face'. So love what they love, and how? Let's take a look together. Victoria? David Beckham - — Sunglasses to fame after years of putting ( Victoria Beckham) Style changes with age, constant is her love of big sunglasses. From the spice girls pop singer, until now trendy fashion designer, putting can high cold on sunglasses to create own style, in her fashion style, the pilot has become an essential part of the big glasses. Sarah? Jessica? Parker - — Gray sweatshirt, Sarah? Jessica? Parker ( 莎拉·杰西卡·帕克) Recently in an interview with the media, if she is asked to can only choose a suit wearing over the rest, she will choose a pair of jeans and opinions 'pure grey sweater'. The fashion female king in fool you, didn't read Sara's photos, since the late 1980 s to the present, she is dressed in street clothes often is gray sweatshirt. Also, when you can put the simple and comfortable jersey wear a fashion sense, where also need to dress up grand standing on heels shoes to prove their fashion degree? Iris? Upton phil - — Great circle glasses is a mix of the ancestors of the fashion world legend grandma iris? Upton (phil Iris Apfel) Of course there are a lot of the iconic fashion elements, such as her modelling exaggerated necklaces, all sorts of color mix. However, she changed the image of the eternal objects only one - — Great circle glasses. This legend has very many styles and colours of great glasses, but she likes or that pair of classic black. Alexa? The clock - — Alexa converse shoes? The clock ( Alexa Chung) Is a faithful fans of converse shoes. Whether attending outdoor party or at home, the VOGUE contributing editor to classic baseball shoes every time a new vitality. Besides being nice to look at, alexa like converse shoes another point, it is of course good wear resistant, even wearing dancing all night without any pressure. Beyonce - — 有限公司- Ords beyonce ( 碧昂丝) Is in addition to music days later, or co - Ords queen! She was dressed from head to foot the same color collocation style of love, has been demonstrated from the destiny's child period. Solo years of age and seniority growing beyonce, now like to show a tight pencil skirt suits and short skirt suit. Beyonce has another love - — Design and color is heavy and complicated jumpsuit. Jumpsuit was beyonce performing necessary armor. Kate princess - — Nude heels LK Bennett, British traditional women's shoe brand, because of the price and a British white-collar people often wear shoes. However, the British Kate ( 剑桥公爵夫人) Will wear this brand, became a royal shoes brand. The princess liked LK Bennett nude heels, nude heels was Kate to attend various occasions the universal collocation of shoes, no wonder she had put on a pair of Jimmy Choo blue high heels at the tower of London, the media will use 'Kate princess finally wear new shoes' to have the title. Look at the item have some feeling? Whether it's stars or public, want to become a bright spot, you must have their own characteristics collocation, small make up don't know if you have other concerns to the point, no matter what are these stars love item, seems to involve an item when out - — Sunglasses as a street snap artifact, sunglass is essential to the concave shape!
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