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Star love sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Star star pupil beauty, but more love the sunglasses, the sunglasses can not only protect our glasses in the summer, is also a concave shape essential weapons. Now, let's count the stars modelling sunglasses! ! ! ! Simple black and white collocation suits of nostalgia, a special sunglasses use opportunely bowknot playful element. Fan bingbing dress small dew crisp of red water gauze, wearing a pink sheet frame girl nifty. Fan bingbing wearing grid long dress collocation, Allah's circular frame simple student named wind. America's top diva Madonna is glasses fans, black-rimmed glasses looks very energetic! Travel essential sunglasses is also a cat concave shape necessary accessories, see Vanessa? Annie ( Vanessa Anne) Cool and refreshing is dressed up for it! Kate blanchett ( Cate Blanchett) The tortoise shell 'cat' mirror very restore ancient ways, with her golden hair very match! The wife of Chen xiao chun ying CAI er when attending the fashion conference, wearing this gradient lenses round glasses is good too! A leather coat + short skirt modelling is matched with her!
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