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Star model based on face to choose sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Twinkling of an eye, and to wear a pair of dark glasses by second street snap star of the season. But why those fired hot star to wear on his face immediately changed flavor son? The advertising model face in the window shades with their shopping is the same style? With these questions, we hurriedly to suit the remedy to the case, take the get what face shape wear sunglasses are suitable. For universal facial comparison flat Asian people, unless you have a delicate mix face ( Of course the day after tomorrow can also be used to pickle) , or choose the wrong sunglasses, also want to go out conveniently can like goddess is difficult. Maybe you in the eyes of a 'frowsty coquettish' sunken modelling tools, in the eyes of others is equivalent to the blind bing generally true not western style, so face the choice of sunglasses really played a decisive role. 1. Recommendation: round face the cat's eye sunglasses, square rectangle sunglasses. Recommendation: glance Fendi sunglasses many girls will say, think the round face flesh, short chin face shape and long enough. Then suggest that we can pick a cat's eye glasses, rose line can make face change high feeling, can again angular design emphasizes facial lines. For is nifty and lovely wind restoring ancient ways round box mirror must stay away from oh. The correct demonstration: Miranda Kerr 2. Oval recommendation: any design recommendation: Ray - Ban aviator sunglasses if you have a joker of the oval face, then it is really a good congratulations. Because this kind of face shape can be wayward chooses the present popular fashion style, can highlight oval advantage if you choose a sunglasses, it must belong to the oval frame, it will make your facial lines more rounded and moving. Quan zhixian of correct demonstration: 3. Recommendation: square face round frame sunglasses recommendation: Valentino sunglasses the lines hardened face, suitable for circular box, four corners have radian design is to reconcile, so try to avoid too square frame. So when choosing sunglasses, can choose a few frame line is relatively soft, reduce hale and strong feeling. And create a new ratio on the vision. If frames too narrow too delicate, also be counterproductive to face look bigger. The correct demonstration: NiNi 4. Rectangular frame recommendation: party sunglasses, restore ancient ways round sunglasses recommendation: Chloe sunglasses people usually have this face shape is exasperating slap little face, then you should avoid too exaggerated Oversize big frame glasses, try to choose some sunglasses to smaller and face size. Nowadays of rectangular sunglasses, restore ancient ways round sunglasses are good options, lucky little face the girls must hurry up to try! The correct demonstration: Lin Yun 5. Recommendation: long face side rectangular sunglasses recommend: Chloe sunglasses big box! The big box! Perhaps this is the present all face the girl when buying sunglasses first. Imagine if the sunglasses big wide enough, ok, block holds off a third of the face, thus shortening on the vision and wide face proportion, the golden ratio is look pretty nice? Correct demonstration: Victoria Beckham
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