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Star rob to buy the brand of sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Star love sunglasses, everybody knew, but the stars are love which brands of sunglasses? Some sunglasses brand management years tepid, some sunglasses brands listed are stars, instantly become hot style. Small make up today is to introduce a stars to rob to buy the sunglasses brand - — Ahlem眼镜! Ahlem Eyewear founded less than two years, be fashionable or e-commerce sites is recommended, as soon as new products listed almost sold out, this paper analyzes the reason of the brand popular - — 'People are interested in, maybe because we pay attention to detail, focus on quality. I don't do fast fashion, if you come to my factory in Paris, you will see all these craftsmen work slowly but is not lazy. Eight people do framework and a pair of glasses need more than a week's time. The stand or fall of design can be subjective, but the quality and details are not. We do everything in a pragmatic way, want to put every detail to do good. 'Kendall Jenner imperial Kendall Jenner undoubtedly become the brand of the agent, you can see she is wearing almost any occasion Ahlem sunglasses, and you will be surprised to find in any formal or casual, easily Ahlem are capable. In addition to Kendall Jenner, each star is put in the arms of the Ahlem, even the goddess Kate Moss, and individual character of Zo? A Kravitz is coming. Kate Moss, exclusive Zo? Kravitz with star blessing, love fashion natural won't miss you, snapped up immediately.
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