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Star wave which the people loved the sunglasses are?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Star of people cannot leave the pack to force artifact - — Sunglasses, as a part of the pursuit of fashion, small make up really want to understand what are they wearing those sunglasses are brand, let's look at below tide people love brand of a few sunglasses, ready to eyes? Gentle MonsterGentle Monster the smecta star hands a pair of sunglasses brand the elder sister of course goes on introduced from the start. If you think that's right, the familiar in a refresh of Korean dramas 'you from the stars' in wuli thousand collected as set forth in its praise, sister. South Korea's and ernie are for TA love not over, in such a surge of Korean pop culture, popular fashion is only a matter of time. Gentle Monster has distinguishing feature design itself is a bold, so basic dress collocation a second can become wet. Of course you may also like these talent show 'the icing on the cake. Gentle Monster from season to season clothing brand, is a new season and Opening, taking two spring brand, is also quite interesting. Karen Walker said web celebrity is new bestow favor on, also can't forget sunglasses world old driver popular logo Karen Walker, set up more than 20 years of Karen Walker by European and American stars, such as cool girl on behalf of the day. IT GIRL she wore a leopard grain edge. It is the side with the arrow pattern, to remember. The cat's eye leopard very suitable for young girl who has character ~ Karen Walker quarterly Campaign is also very creative, who said the old woman cannot wear sunglasses become wet person? A new season of the elder sister of love is the Poolside series of colour profusion, let people have a look at the immediate impulse to go on vacation. Linda Farrow British brand Linda Farrow actually have been shot to fame in the early seventy s, but then I met a trough, followed until 2007 vintage wave back, their trademark sunglasses, that is, all kinds of style restoring ancient ways. Love the female star of the List also has a long string, such as hot mom for Chloe out street. Prompting a Mrs Clooney and sunglasses elegant temperament is worthy. Besides style restoring ancient ways, Linda Farrow and famous designer Jeremy Scott cooperation is also open a variety of imagination, with the inspiration of sunglasses Micky, this model is super sprouting. Oliver performance from the United States Oliver performance let the elder sister remember is this lovely LOGO, is below the upper right corner of the six geometry, and just like the three pairs of glasses in different shapes. Proper design restoring ancient ways and not too make public, therefore the harvest from Depp uncle to twilight men for one and all the men of god. Big fans of U. S. President barack Obama, in addition to male love god, the goddess has many virtues. Ray ban, ray-ban is to the men, like chanel is to the women of transformers in childhood, almost all represent the irresistible attraction. As the world's best-selling brand of sunglasses, ray-ban glasses have freedom, the leading fashion design, high quality characteristics of visual clarity, filtering harmful light, will be a man's natural and unrestrained and bold to deduce, feminine and attractive to women. A descendant of the sun not only holds the red song joong ki, also detonated ray-ban sunglasses. 'Brokeback mountain,' Jake Gyllenhaal Jake Gyllenhaal just choose the hikers series of sunglasses, straightforward in grace. Pictures from Internet, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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