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Stars wear mirror out street demonstration, fashionable inevitable ( 2)

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
Star style 3: demonstration of sweet punk wind keywords: elegance, sweet, ray-ban star template: lily lily (Collins LilyCollins) Sweet darling female image was loved by all of us, despite the 'celebriots' dazzling aura, the age of 23, but she already has a lot of film and television works. Private Collins is still a fresh can along with the gender, youth recreational outfit, deserve to go up again small beauty sweet smiles, nature will make her become beautiful beautiful scenery line in the street snap. Star style model 4: girl like angel hot mama keywords: clear, thick plastic box star template: Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr ( MirandaKerr) Grow very flattering, round face, round eyes, a round nose and a round dimples, look what are round doodle, so that when the hot mama also has a angel face, dressed up in the street, near the Kerr invariably chose several jelly color thick sunglasses, adding pretty girl.
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