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Stars wear mirror out street demonstration, fashionable inevitable ( 3)

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
Model 5 star style: cascading wear a day Korea keywords: classic ray-ban, fashionable avant-courier star template: girlhood members Jessica now Jessica has the number of female fans are more girlhood. If a female has a lot of male fans is normal, so Jessica have female fans, also has many 'lesbian powder', this shows that she is a very attractive girl. Jessica is a person with strong comprehensive strength, both singing and dancing, can do it well. On the dress, Jessica is also quite has their own taste, long shirts, tight pants and neuter soft coat, flat shoes, Korea collocation gives a pretty day. Star style demonstration 6: cool wind restoring ancient ways of feeling route keywords: big box restoring ancient ways, dark lenses, concise line star template: nicole church package in 2003, nicole church ginger ( NicoleScherzinger) Join the global phenomenon has a popularity popular group 'manul combination (' ThePussyCatOolls) And is still as a singer. In 2008, he can attend a church gold in the Men 'sFitness march magazine covers, described as 'manul' days. The call also bring her dress on the night of numerous inspiration: she will restore ancient ways of fashion elements to give new idea, to create a new luxury style; At the same time, also good at rigid-flexible economic potential of the alternative mix in style.
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