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Stars wear mirror out street demonstration, fashionable inevitable ( A)

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
Star style model 1: make public color sexlessness keywords: high saturated color, rough edge big box star template: Anne hathaway colour is the wind of decorative performance another important element, strong publicity is the trend of the color. On the one hand, a low profile, there is no shortage of 'frowsty coquettish' colour is popular, this is obviously with gothic style restoring ancient ways elements regression with this season. Dark and rich gothic style add to the black, purple, and red color and the rise of holiday party costume. On the other hand, after fully enjoy the spring soft color, winter color continues with colorful trend: from the 1960 s style of bright red, bright blue, orange to jewel tones in the autumn emerald, ruby red and green. Factor from year to year ago in the princess diaries become famous sweet princess look Anne hathaway in life advocate contracted, comfortable, generous style, coupled with the handsome short hair, has a new neutral with feminine connotation style. On her body, dazzling than a large color box and sunglasses, also is an expression of this kind of color trends. A lovely and lively jump out however. Star style demonstration 2: soft line of pure and fresh but person keywords: cream, graceful butterfly box star template: elegance, Ara) If domestic after 50, 60 after familiar with and love momoe yamaguchi actress is soft, Japan and Japan, after the 70, 80, after love song hye-kyo is South Korea, then a career with high popularity, is predicted to lead a new generation of Korean goh after 90, today is a new generation of small advertising days later and popularity days later, is largely domestic after 90 'apple' in the eyes of a boy.
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