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Stars with tyrannosaurus sunglasses take you feel the summer romance

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
Warm wind rustled, blown the whole people are lazy, how can such a good weather not to go out light? Eyes without god, might as well wear a sunglasses, covering his eyes can also modify the face, fully staffed. What? You don't know what to choose sunglasses? That let small make up take you look at the star favorite tyrannosaurus sunglasses, feel the summer romance with you together! Tide dad lu lu for 'where dad 2' upgrade is star, dad has always been low key, but every time a mirror can become the focus of the line of sight. BOLON tyrannosaurus sunglasses BL2570 mirror legs chose handsome camouflage pattern, add a little wild color in contracted, watching the 'fast and furious' do you want to talk to him to the speed and the romantic trip. BL2560 flying officer sunglasses, simple willfulness, to like contracted style of lu make elegant outfit. BJ1168 both fashion and scroll flavour has one more point, he is a good man and god can cool can also polite! Yuppie Zheng Kaizheng kai in hot variety show 'run to it, brothers, or the screen always give a person a sense of' mind ', coupled with handsome appearance, natural yuppie wind he always lets a person want to say Ryan and aviator sunglasses worthy! BOLON BL2560 tyrannosaurus sunglasses can not only deduce the yuppie in place, and its elegant picture frame and mirror reflects the wearer in the pursuit of quality. This summer if you want to write a romantic with him there is no lack of again surprised by the sea of love story? Goddess loesch ning loesch better known as the temperament of 'Taiwan first beauty' with 'wu zetian' superb acting, successfully shaping Xu Hui one horn, and known by everyone, similarly loesch ning also have a special liking to BOLON tyrannosaurus sunglasses. BOLON tyrannosaurus sunglasses BL2570 is loesch ning had loved one sheet is tasted, the outline of the Classic design interpretation of real 'Classic never which' this sentence. Carefully tailored, perfect decorate, reveal elegant BL2511, is elegant goddess travel necessary sheet is tasted, can satisfy the needs of different occasions wearing. For a talented woman LanYuLan jade famous weddingdress designer, li xiaolu, liweijia, xie and many other well-known artists create high-end custom wedding dress, and for the l, Kitty zhang, Eva huang a-listers such as red carpet dresses. Like elegant, classic style, whether it's in the design of the dress, still choosing sunglasses. Hats off to Paris for design inspiration, Sophie Marceau the BOLON tyrannosaurus sunglasses ROSE BL2511 is her love. Feel wear like for her to create a romantic space alone, the heart to have a rest. BL2560 flying officer sunglasses, the eternal classic, feeling a magnificent horizon heart and mirrors. Saw so many stars shades of interpretation, small make up teach you one again, the collocation of sunglasses and a different face principle, according to their own face choose sunglasses, make you more brilliant!
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