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Stephen chow at the guangdong people's political consultative conference meeting hair glasses provoked uproar

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
A few days ago, Stephen chow in ten thousand people participated in the 11th Chinese people's political consultative conference committee of guangdong province under the attention the opening of the second session of the conference. Stephen as one of star members showed up this year, no late arrival last year when the new, smiling all the way, chin thought, concentrate on learning how to as a CPPCC member. Before the opening of the meeting, several star members and to, is a star-studded. Among the numerous star members, Stephen commotion's arrival has brought the venue a short time. Have black and white hair, big box fashion glasses Stephen charm oodles, under a lot of media interviews. In an interview with the media, Stephen was absent last year because of schedule problem of multiple session for clarification, said this year will be taken seriously. For the development of film culture, Stephen chow suggest guangdong attaches great importance to and support the development of film products.
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