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Still worry about sunglasses how to choose? Your choice of 13 famous sunglasses brand

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Sorching summer, want to protect eyes prevent sun point-blank, sunglasses seems to depart from, so, what brand of sunglasses is better? Small make up hard to sort out the 13 well-known brands at home and abroad, hoping to better for you to choose what brand of sunglasses to offer help. 1, versace, versace sunglasses receives the versace brand consistent is gorgeous, sexy and luxurious style, pay attention to artistic expression in at the same time, pay more attention to the romantic emotional appeal pleasant, fully embodies the charm of a transparent '. Injection type high technology to create a gradual color transparent plate glass arm, medusa 'hidden details within the mirror arm moving head; Absolutely thin transparent lens, completely carry out the transparent in today's popular index. Sunglasses factory ms YC9702 sunglasses black/C3 lens dazzle colour blue 2, Prada: founded in milan, Italy in 1931, founder Mario Prada produce goods such as clothing has a good reputation among the nobility, get the favour of royalty. Later, his family took over all the business and become the beginning of innovation. Prada is always challenge innovation, introduced the concept of is designed for those who really have a passion for fashion. Launched in 1999, Prada glasses series, for those who like top fashionable men and women around the age of 25 to 30. 3, Ferragamo: Italy Ferragamo has always been famous for its prestigious period of quality footwear. Audrey - Hepburn, Sophia Roland, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and today's zhang ziyi, and Ferragamo have forged a fulfillment of 'fairy colors'. Founder Salvatore Ferragamo's death, by his family tradition of mutual collaboration, in 1998 and the world's largest glasses production sales group (Rosa foti card Luxottica) Cooperation, design, production and sales of sunglasses and optical frame. Ray-ban RB4257 - Ms sunglasses hawksbill/F dazzle colour green piece, Ray - 4 Ban( Ray-ban) : the name is sun glasses. As early as in 1930, John Bosch and Henry Aaron jointly run the company, be entrusted by the United States army air corps, successfully developed the world's first deputy can protect the pilot's eye, the green lens sunglasses, both can prevent glare and can prevent ultraviolet ray, can maintain a clear visual aspects good eyesight, highly welcome American pilots, and by the United States air force named 'pilot'. In 1937, the company formally put the glasses to the market, and changed its name to 'Ray - Ban”。 Ray for glare, Ban namely stop, from then on, Ray - Ban gradually become the world protect his eyes from the glare of the sun glasses. 5, romeo: name is taken from Italian violin 'my sun' ( Italian read 'Sole, benefiting') 。 For young, fashion, dynamic, colorful, rebellion, designed for 17 to 22 years old young man. Mercury plating color lenses, double-sided, the lens design, integrated swarovski crystal, natural pearl international elements such as join, make the Sole, benefiting sunglasses not merely content with the simple shading effect, but also with clothing, hair, makeup and other fashion trends synchronization. 6, montblanc ( MONT BLANC) Meticulous: born in Hamburg in 1906, its brand style, loved by the people of Europe. The brand both popular and grade, use including gold, silver, rhodium, titanium, manganese and other precious rare material, not only ensure processing quality, and pay attention to beautiful appearance, superior performance, excellent quality. Ray-ban RB2140 - F unisex sunglass dazzle colour porn 7, Picasso: unique design style, mirror frame line has both Spanish classical elegant, luxurious and romantic Paris a concise, plus Japan high-tech welding technology, blend in Picasso's unique artistic breath, make the wearer goes in tide tips, reveal the independent personality. 8, the Marlene: founded in 1977, began in the clothing design, is known as: 'the Italian fashion industry's rose'. On sentimental charm and thoroughly remould oneself romantic temperament, delicate and elegant design, fully embodies the female charm and noble, full of the breath of restoring ancient ways the brand glasses quantity is limited, is suitable for collection. 9,? Jose gorer: with the French design master? 吗? Jose's name, pay attention to the collocation of clothing and accessories, in the hope to offer? 吗? Jose's costume culture, show the unique personality charm, and the pursuit of high precision processing technology, difficult to imitate copy,. 10, Nobel: in 1945, Roberta di Camerino founded in Venice, Italy, to 30 ~ 50 years old urban middle class and the wealthy elite, adopts the European classical, top design style and elegant and gorgeous colors create exquisite fashion style. Its product has corrosion resistance, prevent allergy, framework is like new, CR - sunglasses all adopt imported Italian 39 lenses. Ms gucci GG3684 / F/S sunglasses black 4 uaeu11, fabio capello: male proprietary brand, originated in 1972 found that two bronze statue of the captain CAPRIO, in 1999, to commemorate the great Italian phoenix company found that created the brand, the main products are leather shoes, gloves, kit and glasses. LOGO USES the two relative letter C, including cross representative of god. 12, Mr. He, Ania) Name origin: Artist (a. The artist) ; N Nimble( Agile, smart) ; 我发明( The inventor, the creator) A Aulure( Charm, temptation) 。 The brand follow European romantic style, the design concept of adhering to the simple, comfortable, elegant, its positioning in fashion sunglasses consumers keen, self-expression female white-collar workers. According to the Oriental human skull of circular arc form at the same time, simulation and design the corresponding frame curve and curve, make it suitable for the children of the east to wear. 13, SAN: the lens which is produced by the seven layers of different materials, lens polarized degrees and radians are based on the principle of precision optical design, and the strengthen treatment, resistance to scratch and out of shape not easily broken. Dark lenses, composed of design is popular with middle-aged men.
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