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Stories of glasses of the world

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
In the children's world, everything is wonderful and colorful, the story also has great wisdom, glasses of the world. Small make up today to take you to see a few small story about glasses, feel the wisdom of the children. Seiko HC1004C19 grind arenaceous black man is not satisfied with the commercial pure titanium half box myopia glasses glasses once upon a time, there was a regular glasses, with the host lives a quiet life. One day, the master's distant relatives to visit. So the glasses and the guest's glasses, they quietly started talking to one side. The guests' glasses proudly tell it: 'I follow host to many place, too much to see the sunrise at sea, mountain sunset, vast grasslands, torrent. 'From then on, glasses began to complain about life, see the beautiful scenery. Glasses days and nights of thought, finally, it was more than I could bear, start pushing shaking body, all of a sudden, it 'pa! 'Fell on the ground, can be happy. However, things are not so simple. No matter how hard glasses, and it couldn't climb up, let alone walk. Master huang dog found it at this moment, think of glasses at ordinary times in the master at their eyes on the bridge of the nose, and you also have today, then put the glasses on and bite, the glasses was black and blue all over. Vent enough, just put him in the side. A mouse just passing by, and discovered the glasses, see it shiny lenses, jumped with joy: 'make cheep, give me children when swing! 'So, the mouse glasses back to his home. Rat holes of the dark, can't see anything, glasses miss being accompanied his master life. It is regret, regret for everything. In remorse, glasses had a long night. One day, the little mouse drag glasses out of the hole to play, at that time, a man passing by, the little mouse to glasses dropped fled back to the cave. The passer-by picked it up and put on the lens, gave his grandma. Since then, the glasses is with grandma read a book, read a newspaper. Glasses finally know quiet life is also a kind of happiness. Sunglasses factory 50001 tortoiseshell our fleet plank leisure all yards neutral myopia frame glasses kingdom in the evening, I just coming into the sweet dream, suddenly a gust of wind blow in. Brought me to a magical place - — — The kingdom of glasses. Kingdom of glasses, but this is the place where I had never been to. I can't help but wonder, carefully went in. Ah! Here how all those big and small, a variety of eyes? I heard two pair of glasses is talking quietly. What they said? I to listen to. 'I don't want to lie down on the counter all day, I had a really bad! 'Cried a pair of glasses. 'Endure a endure, we will in a few days on the bridge of the nose, by then, we will enjoy the warm every day. 'Gone another pair of glasses and persuasion. '' oh, no! Someone was eavesdropping on our conversation. 'Cried the glasses. The king awoke the sleeping glasses. Wake up to the king, the first saw me. Beside the glasses minister shouted to me: 'king knelt down to us! Otherwise I will send you ordered deported. '' is it not let me out of here, what is rare. 'Think of it, I just want to leave. Unexpectedly, glasses king but smilingly said to me: 'ah! it doesn't matter Such a special guest, should be a good host. 'Said led me to his table. 'You must be hungry! I wait for you here but there are a lot of dinner. You don't mention it large! 'The king said, and the guards were many decorate exquisite books. These books can taihe my appetite. This makes I also can not consider to use eye sanitation, hungry look up. But before long, the eyes are hurt. At this time, I vaguely heard the king said to the guard: 'this man do not pay attention to protect your eyes, tomorrow that is going to sell eyes on his head. 'Ah! How did that happen? That's terrible! I woke up. Through this matter, finally let me know to protect their own eyes how important it is! Otherwise, one not careful eyes will run to our faces. It would be a how disgusting things!
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