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Street fashion tide people by 2013

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
The summer of 2013 was unusually hot, hot, though, have not to leave, but you can still see the streets of the varied trend, is learning gets the fashionable, belong to their next, followed by small make up take a look at their fashion street snap! ! ! ! Bingle modelling of net profit fell no grandiose feeling, give a person quiet temperament of the girl next door. Dressed in a pink meat loose t-shirts, mix white overalls, overall leisure dress relaxed minus age, perfect deduce belong to youth melting and lovely little girl. Sun hat, long curly hair, dark glasses, lively and pure temperament, let a person resides. Body stand white shirt, sleeveless design, tie-in black divided skirts, classic black and white classical collocation, a pair of cool sandals, just right, the collocation of leisure paragraph is suitable for this hot summer oh.
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