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Stylish men you need it fast to his glasses!

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
A man can not wear jewelry, but must have a pair of sunglasses, it can be caring for your shade sunscreen, to overall modelling make the finishing point, can rapidly enhance the aura. The new 2016 worth of what style? Read the following keywords are you sure you can find the answer. The key style: Aviator20 century 30 s invention aviator sunglasses, this is to protect the pilot's eyes from the dazzling sun. Lenses, a thin metal frame and large water droplets shape can covering area of whole eye socket, as far as possible to prevent the light into the eyes. In the 1960 s when the beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, pick them this one sunglass overnight, in the 80 s, queen Freddie Mercury aviator sunglasses are widely spread. Aviator sunglasses again after a variety of forms of improvement and creation, as a masculine if classic sunglasses. Key style: suitable for face: oval and square ClubmasterClubmaster is seen as a Wayfarer style, the deformation of the upper part of inherited the framework of the Wayfarer hale line, the lower part is more exquisite and smooth frameless modelling, don't need the American stereo sense is very facial curve, asians as fit, a relatively flat face daily street also like the Wayfarer joker, is the perfect model of sunglasses that is worth to recommend. Suitable for face, oval, heart-shaped, round and square face shape key style: Wayfarer Ray - since 1956 Ban( Ray-ban) Launch The Wayfarer ( The traveler) Since it became the sunglasses industry affect other iconic style of sunglasses design. Hormone of the modelling of Wayfarer offensive was emitting a strong smell, make the wearer look sexy. The modelling of sunglasses with a long history never out of the line of sight of people, almost every season each big sunglasses brand will launch new novel color, both men and women are crazy for it. Suitable for face: oval, long, Round face shape key style: Round Frames are rock into fashion, the father of John lennon's Round sunglasses, has long been regarded as the typical representative of restoring ancient ways. It can give you bring a little eccentricity and the modelling of personality, suitable for a gentleman with strong chin, the round lens has a softening effect of edges and corners, the famously at some weird square face male god Johnny Depp round frame sunglasses loyal fans. Suitable for face: oval, square and heart type face recommend a brand: Moscot, Ray Ban, Mykita, Eyevan, Cutler and Gross, Garrett Leight, Oliver Spencer
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