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Su yupeng round glasses appeared in Tokyo film festival

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Beijing standard time on October 22, 2015 in the afternoon, the 28th session of Tokyo international film festival. New jin director su yupeng with work 'left ear', starring Sandra and the hao also. On the same day, su yupeng a pair of round glasses, remove the brother's pride, pluck the childlike duffy, a suit, a pair of round box appear mature many, and there really is the director fan! Round glasses have the van and hip-hop, very accord with Sue identity and personality of hip hop. 'Left ear' is a film directed by su yupeng first. October 1, the film for Taiwan's golden horse awards, su yupeng, also got good new director award nomination. This time, the 'left ear' as 'Chinese film week' this session of Tokyo film festival screening work, for the first time in Japan, by the audience's consistent high praise. After the screening, su yupeng positive interaction and the audience, also spoke about his direct experience for the first time. In addition, lu, bell, Sun Yi China faces also appeared in the opening ceremony. In the coming days, 'why sheng's xiao', 'catch demon', when he was in a hurry, the return of the risk ', 'black' and so on Chinese film will show the Japanese audience in turn. Recommend a round glasses: sagawa fujii plank + alloy 62004 ( New product) C2 black box gold legs sagawa fujii 7423 d plank of wood C03w imitation wood dark red myopia picture frames from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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