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Subcrew x wu jianhao are first introduced joint special edition sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
By the actor lee ladies had ( 山姆李) Frankie jointly with stylist was founded in 2004 in the popular logo Subcrew, products include clothing, hats, accessories, etc. , from the streets and classic extraction essence, present a unique retro atmosphere. And then launch 2012 independent regional Subcrew eyewear, rich frame color is bright, suitable for different types of modelling supplement. Lee ladies had recently invited Taiwan artists and friend wu jianhao are ( Van Ness Wu) Cooperation, designed for Subcrew 3 special edition sunglass, respectively called PITT, PACINO, DE NIRO, are all a hotchpotch of Van Ness is favorite classic Hollywood actor, the pilot Aviator glasses of style restoring ancient ways to design, material selection of mercury lens with titanium frames, simple and agile line, cooperate with more choice of color, makes the overall style is new, and Van Ness is myself for glasses, particularly high demand for details. For this special edition sunglasses, with a 1 year time to supervise the production process. Three different design sunglasses, have many colors to choose, can supplement with street clothes, sportswear fashion taste. This article from the glasses net completely, if you want to delete, please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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