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Sui tang prefer pilot shades

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
News on July 24 news: according to Taiwan media reports, nearly, sui tang ( Siu-tong siu-tong) The whole people lost a circle, side frame line is clear, the original is 'stealing heart PS another male' starring in filming for the drive, only sleep two hours every day for a week, not thin. After filming can finally 'planting' pat leisurely meimei fashion topics, but siu-tong siu-tong said the play the love of their own play, take a break and will be put into new play. Sunglasses no makeup is OK when it comes to sunglasses, sui tang said: 'I think sunglasses is necessary to go out, wear the even if no makeup will not spirit, it is very convenient for girls. 'When it comes to the preference style,' my own preference for the pilot glasses modelling, the feeling is very restore ancient ways, anyone wearing looks very nice.
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