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Suitable for winter sunglasses how to choose?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Sunglasses in people's hearts position, usually as the summer sun. But in the winter, sunglasses play its important function, especially after the snow, when go out wearing a pair of sunglasses, as indispensable as gloves, scarves, and winter wear a pair of glasses, fashion and more clothing and the overall sends out a more stylish. But match glasses in winter than in summer is more exquisite, so how to choose a pair of sunglasses for winter? Colored mirror slice in the past two years, but this kind of sunglasses is more suitable for the colorful summer, winter wear slightly. Especially when winter clothing collocation, exaggerated color reflective and creates a thick winter coat & quot; Gaudy & quot; Effect, therefore the colorful mirror slice or leave to summer. Summer wear sunglasses and a summer, to light and comfortable, so those border & quot; Thick & quot; The sunglasses are not suitable for summer wear. However, the thickness of the corresponds to the winter clothes, sunglasses can also choose to slightly thicker frame design, the thickness of the border have qualitative feeling more can foil a winter coat, between & quot; Scale & quot; Is also quite, so won't seem to have not harmonious visual effects. Especially when you have a fur coat decoration, choose a thick glasses frame more class, & quot; Sunglasses & quot; In most of the people consciousness still belongs to the item of the summer, so as far as possible to reduce the contrast between the sunglasses and winter clothing, it doesn't make the overall look & quot; Neither fish nor fowl & quot; 。 All black lens + scarf, it is the easiest to build & quot; Star fan & quot; To have good sunglasses with a pair of simple sense, even if the whole body is dark collocation also won't become & quot; A passer-by & quot; 。 Older picture frame and high-necked unlined upper garment, the outline of a perfect little face contour. Winter wear light color has a rare light effect, the color of the lens can follow becomes shallow, but the frame material is choose thicker acrylic, not the whole person too & quot; Light & quot; 。 Although the metal feels cold in winter, but in a dark coat, metal & quot; Dot eyeball & quot; Role to be reckoned with, especially when you wear a short coat wants to build a handsome effect, this pair of metal frame sunglasses is the best helper.
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