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Suitable for winter wear three sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
Someone said that the sunglasses are exclusive of summer! Sunglasses are fashionable personage's exclusive! You look at the stars, fashion bloggers, which one is not sunglasses covered face, all the year round and sunglasses are almost not weigh appearance. Winter sun still dazzling, ultraviolet ray still can hurt your eyes, but with a pair of fashionable sunglasses to break the languid is lazy, silence of winter, so what kind of sunglasses for winter wear? 1, reflective sunglasses is reflective sunglasses lenses with a very thin layer of reflective coating, can strengthen the sunglasses's ability to withstand the light from above, and let more light and horizontal direction into the from below. Reflective glasses as the biggest advantage is that even if there is no supermodel tall slim figure, through eyes deserve to act the role of absorption, also can stand out in the crowd! Choose reflective sunglasses, not only managed to attract eyeballs, Oversize lenses can also make you easily Get V face! Recommended reading: 2 reflective glasses take well to the leading fashion, round sunglasses love wind restoring ancient ways how can you be without a pair of round sunglasses! Smart dust coat again as long as wear round sunglasses, instantly change to restore ancient ways young woman! And round sunglasses basically well with most people face, dress up as lovely, play the part of restoring ancient ways, play the part of literature and art, can use the round sunglasses, let your sense of style is more sufficient. 。 。 。 。 。 3, cat's eye sunglasses, cat's eye sunglasses are more and more popular, because it is suitable for people of all face to wear. Because of the Angle of the frame is to rise, so also have a face lift up visual feeling! Especially round face, a sister of the cat's eye sunglasses can improve facial lines, perfect and the lovely feeling of round, round face sister also can appear angular, build V face, of course, everyone wants a cinch! Recommended reading: the cat's eye sunglasses make you like a cat's eye sexy recommend below a few sunglasses to choose from! Sunglasses factory ms YC9720 sunglasses C03 bright black/dazzle colour blue sunglasses factory, 6060 men and women general sunglasses leg/C5 black box gold dazzle colour powder sunglasses factory YC3026 unisex sunglass C03 copper/lens dazzle colour red sunglasses factory YC3028 unisex sunglass C1 black gold/lens grey
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