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Summer concave shape essential item that was it!

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Eyes watched the summer will be quietly, love you must be can't wait to go out in the sun, feel the sunshine temperature. So sunken modelling with summer? Yes, is the sunglasses! First of all let small make up tell you how to choose sunglasses according to shape of the face. 1. Oval faces an envy of ultra small hand face, when choosing sunglasses should avoid Oversize wide lenses, try to choose round profile, or the shape of the cat's eye glasses. Nowadays of round sunglasses to make waves, which are lucky can go to try! 2. Square face square face, give a person the sense of hale and hearty, thus to avoid to choose too founder of frames, but slightly rounded square can make the outline appears relatively smooth. Wide rim to coarse, can behave Howe long lines, narrow edge and delicate sunglasses, cooperate with the face, will be especially small and disproportionate. 3. Round face round face should choose four broad frames, not too exaggerated the cat's eye, butterfly type frame is very appropriate also. To avoid circular, lightsome or naive. Slightly wider than face frame picture frame size is more appropriate, with good spin face long long necklace, earrings. 4. A long face long face is suitable for the oval or rectangular frames, can makes face softly on the vision. Exaggerated its leg design also is very good, to attract some attention to balance the focus of the entire face. Short beads, round collar clothing and the right type of sunglasses, can make a long narrow face looks more round, add beauty. Small make up next to recommend sunglasses to everyone! Ray-ban RB2180 - F men sunglasses 6229/7 e violet/purple piece ray-ban RB3537 men 001/2 y gold/dazzle colour powder ray-ban sunglasses RB3523 men sunglasses 006/3 r/black/dazzle colour green piece
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