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Summer drive somewhere, sunglass is indispensable

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
It's that time of year the hottest season. For drivers, the car open air conditioning, the human body is comfortable, can the eye still suffer - — Outside the strong sunlight anti impact the line of sight, a long time, also easy to make the eye fatigue. So, for a pair of good sunglasses, avoid the stimulation of light to the eyes, is necessary. Recommended reading: rainy days drive blurred vision? Sunglasses can solve! Driving it is best to wear polarized sunglasses. Because polarized sunglasses for uv blocking rate is very high, eyes even long time look straight, not easy also tired. At the same time, it also has ordinary sunglasses not filter out the scattering light, anti glare. Some car manufacturers have launched original sunglasses in recent years, it is the uv protection, prevent glare of polarizer. What need reminds is, if the drive is certain to bring up according to the models, wear polarized sunglasses, may be because the polarization 'in place' and affect the normal read display information even couldn't see. Determine whether a pair of sunglasses quality pass, the price is not the only standard, but how many can explain some questions. Price low to tall, may itself is difficult to guarantee quality, let alone is a polariscope. Generally speaking, the price is much lower than 100 yuan, the basic is not authentic polariscope. In addition to the price factor, formal uv protection sunglasses on the outer packing has a uv protection level ( UV) 。 UVA( In 320 - can filter ultraviolet wavelengths 420 nm) 、UVB( Filter wavelength - in 275 320 nm) And UV400 ( Filter wavelength within 400 nm) , there are uv protection function. Driving sunglasses colour cannot too deep, it is best to choose dark brown, gray, polarizer, dark green are also recommended. Dark brown lens can filter out a lot of blue light, which can improve visual contrast and clarity. And grey lenses can absorb any equilibrium chromatographic, after put on what you see will dim and will not have clear off color. Summer driving, quick to choose a pair of beautiful qualified polarized sunglasses!
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