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Summer driving sunglasses myth!

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
In the summer, many drivers would wear sunglasses. But if the wrong sunglasses, not only can let the sun light blind dog eye, serious still can cause traffic accidents, although small glasses, but the error can be a lot of inside. Recommended reading: about sunglasses, you should know the knowledge of 'cold' myth: the deeper the color, the better, many people take it for granted that the deeper the color the better uv protection function. Actually, the function of sunglasses filter ultraviolet associated only with plating membrane, color is not as deep as possible. Because the sunglasses lenses can make optic transmitting signal time delay, resulting in distortion speed feeling, make the sunglasses that drivers make mistakes. According to the survey, when the automobile, motorcycle when moving at a speed of 80 km/h, deep dark glasses will reduce the driver's reactions to situations extends 100 milliseconds, so as to add 2. The brakes interval 2 meters. Erroneous zone 2: the polarized lenses the most suitable many drivers like to wear polarizer, indeed, polarizer can reduce glare, eliminate glare, make the eye natural soft, but actually polarizer is more suitable for large reflective environment, such as fishing, skiing, and sometimes the driver is faced with tunnel and other dark scenes, polarizer is easy to let a person suddenly black at the moment. In addition, polarizer will let LCD screen, LED traffic light color. So when choosing polarizer, had better choose good quality optical lenses, and when through the tunnel, best can take off glasses in advance, more than a wink. Myth 3: don't wear myopia mirror some drivers slight myopia, usually don't wear myopia glasses no problem driving. But once put on sunglasses, the question becomes: eyes more easily fatigue, eyesight will fall, just like driving at night vision will be affected. So, mild myopia of drivers, driving at ordinary times is no problem, if you want to wear sunglasses, must be equipped with a myopic degree lens. Myth: sunglasses color too fancy fashionable young people, have all sorts of color sunglasses, good-looking is not fake, but when driving should not be used, such as pink, purple lens, will change the color and spectrum. Actually, it is best to sunglasses gray lenses, because will not change the basic chromatography. The second is green. Dark brown, yellow lenses enhance the role of brightness, suit to foggy, dusty environment, etc.
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