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Summer driving what glasses? Polarizer, ok?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-01
Soon, soon, the summer is coming, as fire of the sun is coming, at the same time to drive, also came, summer sun and strong anti, even if the visor also cannot very good solve this problem, if long time direct light eyes, will not only bring harm to our body, is also likely to threaten the owners of driving safety, for such a small problem, in fact, a very simple can avoid 'weapons', that is the right to wear a pair of polarizer. Polarized sunglasses for uv blocking rate is very high, eyes even long time look straight, not easy also tired. At the same time, it also has ordinary sunglasses not filter out the scattering light, anti glare effect, make you feel more downy light, greatly reduces the threat by dazzling sunshine. In general, the drive should wear dark brown and gray glasses. Suction light the light grey lens with better effect for motorists. Because gray can fit all kinds of spectrum, chromatographic, will not change the basic effect on the color and brightness. The second is green. Dark brown, yellow lenses have to improve the effect of brightness, color object distortion is small, a lot of girls like pink, purple lens, will change color, spectrum, and should not be wearing while driving. Air pollution is serious, or foggy weather, can wear sunglasses. It's light brown. Dark brown lens to reduce brightness at the same time, the object color distortion is small, and can decrease slightly blue halo, make the image more clear, at the same time provide glare protection. Summer what glasses drive, good is the polarized sunglasses.
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