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Summer is coming, how to choose a suitable sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
Summer, the sun is shining, but for driving gens is definitely a problem. Even if the visor also cannot very good solve this problem, if direct light eyes for a long time, will not only bring harm to our body, is also likely to threaten the owners of the train operation safety, for such a small problem, in fact, a very simple can avoid the 'weapon', the right to wear a pair of sunglasses. Recommended reading: summer must-have artifact - driving - Myopia sunglasses sunglasses is not only to be cool, more important is to protect her eyes. Now go out a lot of people are walking trolley, summer sun dazzling, the action is really dangerous. Driving is the most afraid of lose vision, and the influence factors of all kinds of light is the most common. Summer asphalt exposure are prone to 'light', need to carefully identify and correct judgment, to ensure safety, so choose the right sunglasses is of great help to the driver's judgment. The color of the sunglasses must not be too deep. Sunglasses too dark color will send images to the brain's time delay eyes, this visual delay and cause distortion speed feeling, make the driver make wrong judgment. Had better choose to have polarized sunglasses. In general, if you want to buy sunglasses, would buy polarizer sunglasses, the function of sunglasses only allow directional light into the eye, can filter out the scattering, inflectional, reflection caused by various factors such as dazzling glare. Finally, when buying sunglasses, to distinguish between good protective sunglasses and decorative sunglasses. Decorative sunglasses is not have uv protection, damage to the eyes can't withstand the sunshine. Friends can choose according to his be fond of and required a sunglasses can both functional and beautiful points.
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