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Summer is fast in the past these red otus you also don't wear sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
This small make up to introduce otus sunglasses not DIOR SO REAL, is not the latest CHANEL Willow cooperation, more than two years of GUCCI red up half the sky. Today I want to say is that although the fire BUT sense and not lose big Asian design! South Korean IDOL hands a pack to force of artifact, since Beijing flagship store opened in swire, Shanghai huaihai road store grand opening on September 1. Domestic big geek is every vice, why the south Korean brand development so quickly? In the final analysis star effect is really powerful catalyst! Quan zhixian first was South Korea goddess quan zhixian, 'are you from the stars' as the fire, the sister of GM in the play but all sold out out of stock! In private airport taking snapshots of what completely inseparable from GM, concave shape good drop! Kim woo bin level is high, good clothing product appearance will liao sister long legs with 'people first' miss Kim woo bin Obama with KBS drama starring 'any attachment', hit the fifth episode Kim woo bin concert Obama wearing a leather coat, wearing a GENTLE MONSTER CUBA503 sunglasses handsome appearance, star classe bums, countless fans excited scream. All over Europe and fish cake, wearing it is called Cuba 503 01, priced at RMB 1450, as a whole is the men's and women's winner-take-all! Cuba503 01 product is the upgrade version of Cuba502, big glasses modified face, before the box graceful slightly edges, deserve to go up of metallic mirror legs, composed a low profile, will match any style costume. Actually prefer fish cake in the play of another hot style, has been prepared with silver, hee hee hee hee. Yang Yang, a wildly popular idol star busy promoting the new movie 'the smile is the whole' in hangzhou airport, pure white shirt match GENTLE MONSTERABSENTE ONE series of sunglasses, cool art, full of youth, all show the pure sunshine boy style of literature and art. Yang Yang wear this is GENTLE MONSTER ABSENTE ONE 01, priced at RMB 1450. ABSENTE ONE 01 was a continuation of the classic ABSENTE, black frame composed air, golden nose rack and mirror legs place specifically designed to promote the overall fashion sense, low-key costly, strive to achieve the perfect balance between beauty and comfort. WULI everyone who appeared in Hong Kong to participate in the activities do not forget to play handsome, a tide dressed wear GENTLE MONSTER Big leant limited rose gold sunglass, appearance, handsome and aggressive. All who wear the Big leant limited rose gold sunglass, priced at RMB 1790, this sunglasses has just opened on September 1 Shanghai GENTLE MONSTER flagship store limited sale, address: no. 798 huaihai road, don't mention it! In addition to all the deduction of all, small make up also pulled out for you more star figure, let you at once to see enough! BIG leant limited rose gold sunglass, metallic pink mirror slice of collocation, by the exquisite technology to create perfect accessories. Glasses inspired by traditional Boeing sunglasses for this series, into the fashion line design, flyer frames a perfect fusion of novel elliptical lens and continuation of the classic, unique temperament. In addition to the limited rose gold, we have other more choice, the price is RMB 1790! Has a unique charm of Chinese designer gold her yu founded JINNNN this brand just a few short years supported by a circle of friends inside and outside. This time, he and The Owner into cooperation glasses, not on sale is open to booking, so that as a fan of small make up to now haven't reach! ! ! Heard that big goods have been buckle the G20 in hangzhou, don't open sen! What glasses let eye discerning small make up so eager? See below you will also fall in love with! The men's and women's winner-take-all JINNNN disorderly condition? The JINNNN foreign glasses sold only three oh, small make up have quietly made phnom penh dark brown box! TB is said to be on a variety of laser lens manufactured have been listed, you can want to polish eyes oh
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