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Summer is important to distinguish between sunglasses and polariscope

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Unconsciously came to summer, the sun bathing season how can less a pair of sunglasses. And the dear friends have to choose and buy glasses, often encounter businesses introduce polarizer, confused about. Because of the polarizer and sunglasses like two peas in a pod, really want to in the end what's the difference? Sunglasses factory ms YC9703 sunglasses black/C3 dazzle colour blue polarizer and sunglasses distinction introduction: we all know that the main purpose of sunglasses is shading uv protection, in other words, that is to say, we often say that the sunglasses is used to keep out sunshine and ultraviolet (uv) light colored glasses, general with dark brown or green is common. But in our life except sunlight and ultraviolet light glare more damage to the eyes, it will make our eye fatigue, depending on the impact of resolution, and these dazzle light ordinary sunglasses are impossible to erase, only through a polarizer filter out completely. For common polarized glasses color is given priority to with dark grey. Polarizer is actually belongs to the category of sunglasses, a high-end kind polarizer belongs to the sunglasses, however, the effect of polarizer is an ordinary sunglasses, this effect is can effectively block and filter out all sorts of polarized light that is harmful to the eyes. So-called is polarized light through a bumpy road, water, produced by the irregular reflection, also known as glare. The light of direct illuminate the eyes, can make the person eye discomfort, fatigue, easily not lasting vision, depending on the definition of a body is obviously not enough. Polarizer and sunglasses, therefore, the main difference is that filter dazzle light ray ban RB2180 - F men sunglasses 6229/7 e violet/purple polarizing lenses and ordinary sun glasses in the identification of polarizer and ordinary sunglasses seems no difference, this would cause undesirable businessman take means of trapping, so we should be how to identify when buying? 1, two polarizing lenses stacked vertically, if not pervious to light is really polarizer, because polarizer lens special design of parallel light through the lens, so when two pieces of lens stacked vertically, most of the light will be blocked. 2, looking for a uv yanchao lights, a one hundred - yuan RMB. Direct illuminate can see above one hundred yuan RMB uv anti-counterfeiting. If through the lens with UV400 functions, see the anti-counterfeiting. 3, also can undertake specific experience by the end of the sun, in the sun, polarizer can be much more comfortable than the general sunglasses.
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