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Summer is not worship the sunglasses is sorry oneself

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
Though words can't say never, don't buy sunglasses how sorry myself? Still don't say, really summer arrived should worship a contentment sunglasses! After all, the size of the sun, according to the eye eyesight whiting. After all, the weather is hot to sweat, afraid of flower makeup do, sunglasses, little of course not ~ the choice of sunglasses also has a lot of exquisite, small make up from how to choose the first frame and lenses. Sunglasses frame choice need to pay attention to what frame wide enough can lead to the height of the indentation Chinese cheekbones and the European and American people is higher than the relative, and faces tend to be flat and wide, about 5 mm wider than the European and American people, European and American version of the glasses for most Asian face slightly wide, relatively narrow, affecting both wear beautiful, and can bring discomfort to the temples, took off her dark glasses when also can see in the face is pressed out of the ring, destroy the whole image of the face, and the sun glasses mirror legs because will face was open wide, so easy to deformation. Frame shoulds not be too narrow Chinese eyebrow eye distance is relatively wider European people also can appear some, if you choose the lens is too thin small glasses, easy to cause the sunglasses 'card' above the eyelid or between the eyebrows, seem a bit odd. Mirror foot inappropriate will cause the burden on the Chinese back end of the head ( Compared with the glasses foot set location) Distance is about 5 mm narrow 'than that of Europe and the United States, at the time of sunglasses, if the mirror cover camber and distance is not appropriate, will cause burden to the ear, wears tired feeling. Choose bazoo holds high frame compared with europeans and americans, most Chinese bridge of the nose is quite stereo, comparison, and the west bridge of the nose is high, there are a lot of glasses is not the nasal bracket or very small, such as the glasses is not harry potter's nose, Europe and America brand frames will change bazoo holds for the Asian market. No nose of driving the middle beam is to rely on the bridge of the nose, asians are really few can live, and asians are more protruding eyes, not like westerners sag, add two conditions, the lens with the eye distance is very close, eyelash will be to the lens, so it's very important to select highly suitable for frame. Sunglasses lenses choice need to pay attention to what the sun glasses according to color depth will be divided into four kinds, in turn, is 15%, 34%, 50%, 70%, 15%, the depth of the shallow, suitable for indoor and outdoor wear, especially people with eyes have a degree, can avoid to remove and put on the trouble. The depth of the 34%, suitable for general use under the sun. 50% of the sun glasses, can use in the hot sun and the sea. 70% of the sunglasses is a special purpose, generally used for welding and other engineering. But the depth of the lens color affects only the absorption of visible light, has nothing to do with uv resistance, if choose is adornment with ordinary lenses, eye protection recommend purchasing polarized lens. The prime function of polarized sunglasses are polarized uv protection and filtering, good polarized lenses that can stop more than 90% uv penetration. You can choose to contain 'UV400' best blocking ultraviolet identification of polarized sunglasses. Different colors of different polarized lens function: pink or red: in the case of strong glare, can enhance contrast and bright degree, is very suitable for water sports and activities using snow. Brown or brown, can enhance the contrast of color, so it become the first choice of lenses while driving. Amber, yellow or orange, cloudy day is very suitable for wear in, can have a very clear vision, but it is not suitable for strong sunlight. Gray or blackish green color, represented by ray-ban, vision can retain the original color of the most natural, when is a good choice. What are the aviator sunglasses (sunglasses styles Frog mirror) Sunglasses factory YC9712 C2 black/grey men's sunglasses this sunglasses as a U. S. air force equipment, protection function, no doubt, has 86 years of glorious history, popular in the world, become a classic style, can be said to be once have, don't ask! Box big elliptical C01 frame sunglasses sunglasses factory S9102 sunglasses black/lens gradient grey sunglasses big box of the aura, ellipse is women's temperament, can't big enough to cover the face! Little face is no longer a dream ah friends! Restore ancient ways round box ray-ban sunglasses RB4222 865/13 men sunglasses hawksbill/lens tea the current trend is not the wind restoring ancient ways? Also to go retro sunglasses, maybe wear it out more instead more fashion trend!
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