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Summer is to Korean profusion colour frame sunglasses inventory

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
These days of high temperature really let a person lost, the ground can be Fried egg for the stem was pulled out, the temperature is high enough! So hot summer, let's take a look at the south Korean actress who is dressed up, wear sunglasses color box, sunshine and vitality, also looks cool! South Korea's former members of the Secret all xiao sheng pink shorts, a white collar T-shirt, tie-in pink frame sunglasses, character figure reveal a girl in the youth lovely breath. South Korean actress Shirley interpretation between girls and women of the youthful vitality and mature charm, changeful fashion sexy style, all the more charming. She is wearing a pink frame sunglasses, box is thinner and more delicate. South Korea female models han hye-jin a new set of photo exposure, slender body and long legs especially eyes, put on the sexy glamour of extremely rich design feeling beige sunglasses enchanting and moving. Ms color frame sunglasses recommendation: sunglasses factory YC9702 sunglasses C5 white box purple legs/lens dazzle colour purple sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C5 tortoise shell/brown
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