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Summer mix achievement hipster fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Mix is a fashion special term, refers to the different style, different material, different price according to personal taste together, so as to mix and match the completely personal style. The so-called 'mix build', not 'match', through mixing, make different style, different color sheet is tasted collocation are together, have personality characteristics of the new entity. Mix seemingly casual, actually. Although is coexistence of a variety of elements, but not on behalf of the faulty, mix the success, the key is to determine a 'tone', in this style as the main line, other styles to do an ornament, cent gives a light is heavy, have advocate have second. Mix is young people prefer way of dressing, even ordinary, classic can mix build wear a different taste. Below, we take a look at people is how to mix the tide:
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