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Summer polarizer become a darling of the masses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
Summer is coming, sunglasses back streets, but popular polariscope. According to the survey shows that most people would be biased towards the polarizing sunglasses when choosing sunglasses. You can also find when shopping at ordinary times, always little not on container. What is the polarizer edge? Below small make up take you reveal uniqueness of polarized sunglasses. Ms sunglasses factory YC9703 sunglasses black/C3 dazzle colour blue polarized sunglasses unique features: filter scattering light, avoid glare so polarizer how to implement this function? Lenses in 'polarizing film layer by using the principle of the shutter, the environment and not dazzling regularity of scattered light barrier outside the lens, only and' shutter everywhere, 'parallel light through, into the eyes, to avoid the glare of light effect. What is occasion for wear polarized sunglasses? § sunny days drive ( To prevent the sun from buildings, other vehicles, puddle on the ground, building on the glass surface reflection and glare, improve driving safety performance) § playing golf and other outdoor ball games ( Track the ball clear running track) Fishing (§ lake Eliminate the water ripples reflected light interference, keen to distinguish buoy movement) § other outdoor sports should see the above clear polarizer why darling, as a polarizer uv protection, the function of anti glare, better still, demitint also to be more uniform. Want to buy genuine polarizer hurriedly to sunglasses factory glasses net cafe! Sunglasses sunglasses factory in addition to individual products, everything else is polarizer, is the high quality lenses are used, and the price is very affordable!
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