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Summer sunglasses and hat is the perfect fit

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
A star sunglasses match a design style hat, even in relatively simple, also can let you one like you in the summer, tide now! Summer, sunglasses and hat is a piece of my heart oh ~ straw hat match sunglasses gives a person the sense of casual languid is lazy. If you have thin sweet shoulder, can also be bold to try this lazy hang down condole belt. Do old shorts collocation, to lead the soaring. Ms sunglasses factory YC9703 sunglasses C6 blue green box powder leg/dazzle colour blue below give you a demonstration: white with printed black coat, with type and handsome, and with a light gray wide-legged 7 minutes of pants to see this kind of collocation of whole style go along with the gender natural wind, the addition of small white woven hats let whole on the basis of the original style restoring ancient ways more added modern and attractive taste. The color of the straw hat purely white, cream generally feast for the eyes, the pure white good-looking and reflective effectively, not only wear for a long time also won't feel hot oh, very suitable for travel is prevented bask in and decoration. Although the collocation of sunglasses and a hat to own fashion big points, but the hat and sunglasses collocation also has three big forbidden: 1, a hat and sunglasses to match, first of all to pay attention to the size of the match. Hat is the display of individual character style, suitable for collocation is exaggerated modelling sunglasses. A narrow down the hat or small cap, with broad square sunglasses, plastic box can appear lively and lovely, personality is distinct. Along the flanging bonnet collocation thick edge of dark sunglasses, elegant with a capable of handsome. 2, the colour collocation of the hat and sunglasses are also important. In general, the color of the hat is the most like the color of the sunglasses. Popular panama hat deepen color light color plastic box big sunglasses, very fashionable. If use pink cap and boldly pink large sunglasses, will bring unexpected natural, sweet and pure and fresh feeling. In sunglasses blue, bright yellow, weak green, bright color, such as fluorspar powder color is bad to backfire. Such as green with red is the big fear of colour collocation; 3, a hat and sunglasses style difference is not too large. Hat don't match model usually serious sunglasses. If you wear a super wide brim hat big straw hat, then choose the tiny metal frame sunglasses, obviously not very well.
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