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Summer sunglasses practical skills

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
It is a hot weather, many fashionable young people go out of the time like to wear sunglasses, cool feeling. But cool to moderately, inferior sunglasses not only protect your eyes will get out of the eye! And in the dark place must remove sunglasses. So, sunglass factory small make up take you to go and see how to scientifically choose and buy sunglasses! Sunglasses factory S9103 fashion sunglasses but unable to distinguish the lens can keep out ultraviolet ray, consumer is when the choose and buy sunglasses, visual inspection by the quality of the lens. Should be paid attention to, such as the lens surface is smooth, without scratches and bubbles; The lenses flat, from horizontal direction observation lens whether there is a warp, etc. Also sunglasses can be get 30 centimeters away from eyes, through the glasses look around vertical line and horizontal line, such as window frame or door frame, is interested in this glasses from top to bottom and move around, such as found that distort or observation by the straight line in the swing, illustrate the potential deformation of the lens, not to buy the sunglasses. Another method is to put sunglasses at present, the outward convex lens, slowly moving up and down, from the inside lens observing distant objects. If most of the stationary object, local similar corrugated beating, mirror surface is uneven. On the surface looks uneven or have defects and bubbles of the lens, after wearing can cause discomfort such as dizziness, unfavorable also choose and buy. Sunglasses to pay attention to the lens surface is smooth, no bubbles, no grinding crack; Lens flat, from horizontal direction observation lens presence of warping, uneven. Lens color options, should be put on after the distortion of the color of the surrounding environment, the edges of the object is clear for the principle, general with medium depth of well, such as light gray, light brown, the color of the sunglasses for infrared, ultraviolet absorption is good.
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