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Summer sunglasses these sunken modelling to block the ultraviolet ray

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Said to the concave shape of artifact, sunglasses, glasses can be said to be the essential concave shape, covered his face, prevent bask in item! But seems not wear sunglasses at home atmosphere you also does not have the habit of wearing dark glasses, a lot of people in the heart of the concern may think the sunglasses will be said B, and ten foreigners, nine sunglasses, you will not feel strange! And who love fashionable sunglasses is essential. Let's talk about the role of the sunglasses, why do we have to wear sunglasses? Concave shape essential artifact! Sunglasses why afraid of being said B, because after sunglasses, integral feeling is different, cool a lot, a suitable sunglasses, can shape a bonus for you! Small make up such a lazy man, for example, in the summer go out don't want to draw the eye makeup, then draw a red lip, sunglasses to go out, others will think you're beautiful! Cover the big face, eye ministry is prevented bask in artifact! Besides the role of concave shape the most intuitive, and, more importantly, actually is wearing dark glasses can eye ministry is prevented bask in, can protect the fragile eye skin, don't let the eyes or cause sunburn melanin precipitation! Ultraviolet ray can accelerate the skin aging, we all know this, so they leave or to open an umbrella body sunscreen, and sunglasses are umbrella of the eye part to resist ultraviolet ray, and avoid glare squinting, form the fine lines around the eyes, also protect eye! With benefits, said the choose and buy! A roadside stall sunglasses don't buy! Don't buy cheap! Some girl is purely for the sake of concave shape, bought a bunch of variety of sunglasses, sum up may not be more than one hundred! So this kind of sunglasses, if you just wearing a PIC self-time, that you buy, if wear out, girl, don't, because the hurt in your eyes, the eyes are the window of the soul, good protection! Buying sunglasses are the following two methods of identification, selection of: one is to see the product identity, pay attention to whether glasses with uv resistant and impact resistant function. Because, not all sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet ray, if there is a 'ultraviolet prevention function of sunglasses,' in the product label or glasses should have a positive '100% ultraviolet prevention', 'UV400 labeled' logo. If it is, which has the function of 'shock' sunglasses on the label or instructions shall be 'the fight against performance', 'through the FDA certification' and 'conform to the highest standards in Europe and America, etc. At the same time, the identity or instruction to keep good, one thousand problems to make a claim to the businessman is evidence. 。 2 it is to observe the lens quality. When the sunglasses in the eyes, look through the lens in the distance, the glasses from top to bottom and move around, goals should not have swing, lens color stability. Look out through the lens, the distortion of the color of the surroundings, have the ability to identify different color lights.
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