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Summer tourism must buy polarized sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
Many people know that the sunglasses can act against the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, with the approaching of the summer, sunglasses become one of the essential element in our life. Small make up when they travel friends will ask sunglasses it is necessary to choose the polarized sunglasses? Small make up today's satisfy your curiosity, tell me about ordinary sunglasses and what is the difference between a polarized sunglasses? How to choose between ordinary sunglasses and polarized sunglasses? Recommended reading: the use of a polarized sunglasses for most people, the summer to buy a pair of dark sunglasses can rise to uv protection, protection of purpose. In fact, this idea is wrong. Ophthalmology expert points out, summer effect is better than the ordinary sunglasses polarized sunglasses. Why is the effect of polarized sunglasses are better than ordinary sunglasses? This should speak of from the characteristics of natural light. Natural light is also known as the polarization, which are composed of some electromagnetic wave, the electromagnetic wave can toward a particular vibration. So, after natural light through the polarizer filter, can only in one direction. And polarized sunglasses, is based on the characteristics of natural light to block the harmful rays. Sun rays no matter on what objects, and can produce some harmful because of the reflection and refraction of light, polarized sunglasses can completely put the light absorption, reduce the injury the light for people eyes. Lenses in ordinary sunglasses without this function, it cannot be filtered light, so it will only reduce glare and uv light intensity, but it is harmful for the light is powerless. So, ordinary sunglasses can reduce the damage of the eye only. Nonetheless, ordinary sunglasses have the biggest advantage is that it has polarized sunglasses that the epidemic, thus get the favour of a lot of glasses on the net is. And the sunglasses not only can wear in sunny day. Sunglasses sunglasses into shade, color sunglasses and special-purpose sunglasses. Generally, color sunglasses can all the year round can be used to dress collocation, and shading sunglasses also can wear all the year round! Even if it is cloudy, also recommends reference the uv index of the day, wearing sunglasses to determine!
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