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Summer travel cannot lack the necessary weapon - — sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-27
Sorching summer, still could not prevent the heart of the people play, but small make up are to be highlighted in this island beach line and mountain hiking, or is the road trip, desert safari, are not less necessary weapon - — Sunglasses. Travel with or without sunglasses, really is not the same oh ~ island beach line of the water absorption of ultraviolet rays in sunlight rarely, cause the reflection and refraction of sea level to ultraviolet ray. Wearing sunglasses can effectively block the ultraviolet ray and reduce the damage to the eyes. Beach generally suitable for grey sunglasses and blue sunglasses, because grey lens does not change the color of the original vision, to make you more real view; Effectively filtered water and blue sky between the reflected light blue glare. Recommended reading: what color to wear sunglasses for eye is better? Road trip sun drive, windshield, asphalt, the metal surface in the bright sunlight, reflect, reflect the dazzling light, and the polarizer can reduce glare, effectively eliminate and filter out the scattering light beam, make the vision clear. Recommended reading: driving reason to choose the polarized lens mountain hiking high altitude and the air clear mountain, the intensity of the ultraviolet ray is very big also. Another mountain terrain, can choose light movement function of sunglasses, uv protection at the same time protect the security of the eyes. Across the desert, more and more people aspire to exile and freedom of the desert. Strong ultraviolet irradiation and desert regions, the weather is dry, sand, fine sand, a pair of comfortable and breathable dust prevention sunglasses is indispensable equipment. Sorching summer, where are you going to travel? No matter where to travel, don't forget to prepare necessary weapon travel - — Sunglasses, if you want to learn more information of sunglasses, can go to the glasses sunglasses factory network view.
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