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Summer wear sunglasses have exquisite

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
In the northern hemisphere summer, the sun direct light much more strongly than in winter, the sunlight affects the line of sight of people, especially before and after the noon sun hot, people wear sunglasses when walking or cycling. Some people think that the deeper the color sunglasses can protect your eyes, in fact, this view is wrong. Lens color too deep will seriously affect the visibility, the eyes look for demanding vulnerable to damage, therefore, dark sunglasses can protect eyes.

expert proposal, summer choice is: the lens should be able to through the 30% of visible light, gray and green as well, in this way, it not only can resist ultraviolet light, and clarity and vision perspective outside the color change of a body is small.

the choose and buy sunglasses should pay attention to the following aspects:

s tag

the small brand is often neglected. In fact, the tags on the producers, in addition to tell you glasses also hide a lot of useful information, such as whether you choose and buy glasses sunglasses or light mirror, resin lens or Alexander, etc.

s lens

discern lens quality, there is a simple method, is to take glasses in rocking back and forth in front of him, to see if the object and the lens to move together. If it is, that the lens is not flat, concave and convex, belongs to the unqualified lenses. This is for flat light, of course, if is myopia sunglasses that are not quite sure.

s colour

besides, leisure, entertainment, if is really for uv protection, good or buy ray-ban grey, ray-ban green, blue gray in real shade the lens of sunglasses, because these relatively subdued color, looking at nature does not change color, is especially suitable for for motorists, because will not affect their distinguish of traffic lights and traffic signal.

s UV index

for sunglasses, UV ultraviolet index is the filtering effect, it is important to a standard, at present, most of the sunglasses UV index at 96% - 98%, dark lenses must be better than the light color lenses. Typically 100% of the UV index is unlikely, if have manufacturers claim to own the sun glasses have very good filtering ultraviolet effect, that his cow can have bit of inflating.
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