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Summer what concave shape? Quickly put on the most stylish DIY sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Hot summer concave shape by what? Compared with star street snap, though you may have struggled on the dress, but didn't see how much better. About whether his clothes not expensive? Or poor temperament itself? In fact you just lost the details. Through star street snap the somebody else all have cool big sunglasses, so are you ready? Watched this summer is almost over, if you're not going to buy the also don't try so hard, close the editor for you ready plan B, let you can have a the most stylish sunglasses concave shape! Or whether a street beach, summer sunglasses is definitely something you should leave the body. Clothes ordinary sunglasses to show your fashion taste, free from vulgarity so you need to use your head to DIY. May you always feel that it is said to DIY for cheap looking for excuses, but when you see the left left stars after the higher-ups will say so? Rihanna, in the first place in Victoria secret on a big show of modelling is carefully prepared, most of the most intriguing is that covered in black pearl! Here but big write 'all Biao'! Do you think riri as the stage show off in an ostentatious manner? The somebody else but the sensation in the fashion, so privately concave shape every day. This time the street sunglasses also attentively ~ but the riri in a diamond, fully illustrates the elder sister is rich! In fashionable circle, except for riri also has dominance of Olivia Palermo can behind? Is also a victory on the trendy sunglasses! There are, of course, not only is the star, there will be plenty of people in the streets of abroad will his sunglasses on the street, off the DIY anyway as long as you have good idea is no problem. See so much you are also one's fingers itch to produce a belongs to own pull breeze sunglasses? Get up quickly! Left left perhaps these can give you inspiration. First to try Rihanna with money! Make up is actually very simple, ready to glue first, sunglasses, and pearls. Apply some glue on the pearl and along the sunglasses for fixed edges. Riri this pair of sunglasses even glasses legs is inlaid with a pearl, if you think it is too dazzling, can save, anyhow it is good to follow your wishes. Make pearl sunglasses way has a lot of, if you feel that it's not a design feeling, then try this left under the left just a few simple pearl ornament is ok! Ready to pearl stickers first, of course still need glue, must be glued down! Only need to stick at the top of the lens ( Don't interfere with the line of sight! ) If you want to go to the seaside, then bring a such hyperbole and energetic. Something to do with your bikini or flower skirt very take ~! God ~ first of all, be prepared to hard cardboard, sunglasses, scissors and glue. Choose a you like the design of model, according to the picture with a pencil down on the paper. And again according to draw good contour cut with scissors. To cut out after dark glasses to avoid the intermediate position of the sunglasses lenses use glue, paper cut out pattern on the top. Such a lively girl sunglasses is ready! , of course, if you think you do with paper glasses went to the seaside is bad, then try nail polish instead of cardboard. Women home unused nail polish to row on this bottom can use! Put your defunct nail polish has been in the home, ready to as many colors as possible, of course if must prepare a pair of sunglasses. With brown nail polish along the dark glasses frame first daub a circle, after dry, reoccupy daub pink nail polish along the circle in the layer. To serve as an ornament with different color of nail polish, after such a doughnut similar sunglasses ready! Wear it out is very have the feeling of summer! 吗? Look left left the sure many elegant woman will like! Only need to prepare some metal texture of flower decoration, in addition, the preparation of sunglasses is the best lens is connected to it has a metal rod design sunglasses, such effect is perfect. Simple use glue, on the sunglasses metal flowers have to dry. The or so left left the absolute is a method of making is easy and convenient! Will glue evenly daub is on the edge of the frame, sprinkle gold decoration will be prepared in the above is done! Well, how did you learn from this article YOKA fashion website, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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